Friday 18 October 2019

Big brand retailers on mission to scope out Wexford town

By david tucker

THE managing directors of 15 leading international and domestic brands are to visit Wexford on Friday to see if they like the town enough to open up shop here.

The company bosses are visiting the town under the umbrella of Retail Excellence Ireland, the visit stemming from a request by county council chief executive Tom Enright and Patrick McCormack, from Sam McCauley's, to REI's chief executive David Fitzsimons to 'scope out how best we could work together'.

Mr. Fitzsimons, who worked with Tom Enright when he was director of economic development and planning in Limerick, said all 15 companies were 'willing to commit to Wexford.. that's why they are coming'.

'In the next six months you're going to see some really good openings with brands that reasonate with consumers,' said Mr. Fitzsimons.

He said Friday's meeting at White's Hotel was not open to all and was aimed at seeking the retail investments that best suit Wexford and which will avoid replicating businesses that are already operating in the town.

'We were very careful in terms of who we selected to come,' said Mr. Fitzsimons.

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