Wednesday 24 January 2018

Big turnout for JMA album launch at Arts Centre

By Esther Hayden

Bass player Mick O'Brien onstage. All pictures by Kenny Ruttledge.
Bass player Mick O'Brien onstage. All pictures by Kenny Ruttledge.
JMA acknowledge the support of an appreciative crowd (from left) Keith Devereux, Mick Egan, Anne Meyler, James Meyler and Mick O'Brien. BOTTOM OF PAGE: Mick Egan in action and (inset) Anne and James. PICTURES BY KENNY RUTTLEDGE

Wexford Arts Centre was jam packed as Wexford band JMA launched their second album last Thursday night.

'Different God, Same Devil', is the band's first album in more than a decade and follows on from the release of their debut 'Numbers' in 2003.

The band's original three members of husband and wife James and Anne Meyler and Mick Egan are joined on the new album by well-known bass player Mick O'Brien, and drummer Keith Devereux.

Anne Meyer said it had been a fantastic night. 'It went brilliantly, absolutely brilliant. We were astounded by the crowd. The arts centre was packed. People couldn't even get in. It was fantastic.

'We've had great feedback from anyone who has heard the album. People really seem to be enjoying it. We are so grateful to everyone who supported us through fund it and who turned up at the launch to support us. We are overwhelmed by the turnout on the night.'

The album was a new departure for JMA as their first album was an acoustic one while this is electric.

Anne said the band were delighted with people's reaction to the album and said they would definitely consider a follow up album. 'We won't leave it 12 years between albums this time', she said.

The album is now on sale at the Arts Centre and at Snippets Barbers and South East Records for €10.

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