Sunday 18 August 2019

Billy baffled by rare two-headed two-lip

AN EXTREMELY rare plant phenomenon has occurred in the garden of a green-fingered Wexford man.

Billy Brennan from Rathangan was shocked to discover recently that his garden now contains a twoheaded tulip.

' Tulips only produce one flower per stem, but this single stem has produced two flowers,' said Billy.

The gardening enthusiast said he is certain that is not two stems fused together and that is in fact the work of just one special bulb.

' This flower will not last too long more, but it's extremely rare,' said Billy.

He is now wondering if it's a first for Wexford and has asked other gardeners from the Model County to contact the Wexford People if they have ever come across the phenomenon.

Billy has also contacted the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin about the rare Tulip and is awaiting their reply on the matter.

The Rathangan resident said he intends to leave the bulb in the ground this year and see what happens next year, though it had crossed his mind to take it out of the ground and 'isolate' it before planting it again next year.

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