Wednesday 13 December 2017

Black market goods seized by the State


THE GARDAI in Wexford, on behalf of the State, have taken ownership of a large number of tools and garden equipment – from lawnmowers to power drills – that were seized at the Unyoke Market in Blackwater.

Sergeant PJ Griffin brought forward an application under the Police Property Act at Wexford District Court on Monday for the disposal of various items, which the Gardaí had seized during a raid on a car boot sale at the market in April.

It was explained to Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla that a man whose van had been broken into on April 1 came across items stolen from him just a few days later, on April 3, at the Unyoke.

He called the Gardaí and officers from Wexford and Enniscorthy arrived out, seizing over 50 items from McDonagh.

The judge heard that these items included a large amount of tools, power tools, drills, halogen lights, lawnmowers and skill saws.

Five injured parties responded to a Garda appeal for the owners of the seized property, reclaiming goods stolen from them, but the court heard that there are still some 30 items left, including lawnmowers, strimmers, ratchet sets and heavy duty drills. 'I have reason to believe these (unclaimed) items were also stolen,' said Sgt Griffin.

Judge O Buachalla granted the application and declared the property forfeited to the State, with the Gardaí in Wexford still hopeful of reuniting the items with their rightful owners.

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