Saturday 16 December 2017

Book tells of war in Germany seen through child's eyes

By David tucker

bilLY Roche is to launch a new book by Barntown resident Maleen Junge at the the town's Arts Centre at 6 p.m. on Thursday (September 17).

The critics say Maleen has written an extraordinary novel, Mothercross, based on her own childhood in Germany during World War Two.

She was born in Germany and worked as an engineering draughtswoman and a journalist. Maleen has published women's fiction, a series of pre-teen books and non-fiction and has written scripts for animation films. For three years she lived in Central America with her young family to work on a foreign-aid project. Maleen now lives in County Wexford with her husband. Mothercross is her first novel in the English language. In a review of the book, Billy Roche writes: 'Seen through the eyes of a little girl Mothercross is an honest, insightful, unsentimental and heart-breaking account of a child who is caught in the crossfire of her Nazi family as she innocently documents the rise and demise of the Third Reich.

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