Friday 20 September 2019

'Break a leg' actress now in stitches

WHEN Alan Corcoran tells his actresses to 'Break a Leg' he doesn't usually mean for them to take him literally.

But every time he directs Sorcha Howell in panto, the talented young actress ends up a casualty.

Last week, while in Sleeping Beauty in Gorey, Sorcha was running onto stage when she hit her knee off a metal step and had to get eight stitches after the show. Two years previously, while performing in Aladdin - another show directed by Alan - the comedienne broke her leg two days before dress rehearsal and had to play her part on crutches.

'It's really becoming a routine at this stage,' laughed the accident-prone actress. ' If I don't injure myself for the panto, it just wouldn't really be the same'.

This week Alan was full of praise for his 'Offaly fairy', who despite her banged-up knee, kept the show on the road. 'She kept going. She's a real trooper,' said Alan. After her accident Sorcha battled on to the end of her scene with blood streaming down her leg, and was given hasty medical treatment back stage. After the show she attended Caredoc where she received eight stitches.

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