Sunday 17 December 2017

Bringing back the 80's

By Maria Pepper

Theresa Roche and anita Doligala.
Theresa Roche and anita Doligala.
Theresa Roche and anita Doligala.
Angie McKinley and Claire Byrne.
Jackie Kilgannon, Michael Kilgannon, Alison Gately, Darren Midleton and Catherine Midleton.
Tom Elmes and Amy Bolger.
Noeleen Scallan, Pamala Scallan, Suzanne Ruttledge and Catherine Fitzgerald.
sisters Valarie, Olivia, Jasmine and Tamara Gangnus.
Bilar Loring, Johnnie Darcia, Ruth Dapail, Julia Gomez, Lucy Medlycott, Miguel Hernandez and Maria Alegrete.
Imelda Kehoe and Martina Keane.

Leg warmers, lycra, big hair and shoulder pads were all the rage once again as Wexford Arts Centre hosted an '80's Night of flashback live music played by a range of bands and talented individual musicians.

The sell-out event paying tribute to the decade that produced some of the greatest pop stars in history including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince, was the latest in a series of Classic Artists' Nights nights which began as part of the Arts Centre's 40th anniversary two years ago.

About 40 musicians, some of them in specially-assembled bands with names such as Top Guns n' Pop Sox turned up to play in front of an audience of costumed and enthusiastic fans. They rocked 80's favourites like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Milli Vanilli. Guitarist Skipper Scallan sported a full mullet and sun glasses while Enniscorthy band Gentleman Callers re-interpreted Tainted Love, Fate and Gold. Their rendition of Sledgehammer brought the house down.

During the night, the walls of the upstairs gallery reverberated to the sounds of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Kim Wilde, Spandau Ballet and George Michael with unforgettable tunes including Final Countdown and All Night Long getting a well-received retro airing.

'It was a fantastic night. We had a great turn-out of musicians and the audience were brilliant,' said Ollie Dempsey of band Ripcord 64 who was one of the organisers

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