Monday 23 October 2017

Browne lashes Pobal over pay

By David Tucker

county councillor James Browne has expressed outrage at the announcement by a government agency that they will not be paying the increase in the minimum wage due in January.

Pobal, a government agency which supports essential community-based groups by paying the wages of staff working in these community groups wrote to these community groups and informed them that it will not pay the increase in the minimum wage to their employees due in January and that the community groups will themselves have to pay the increase in the minimum wage.

The agency supports 425 community groups nationally, among them a large number of hard-pressed organisations in Wexford.

'These community groups are not-for-profits social enterprises and community businesses that deliver services and create employment for people from disadvantaged groups and cannot afford this sudden and unexpected financial burden,' said Cllr Browne.

'The consequences of this increased burden will be felt by the most vulnerable in our society. In order to meet the increased wage bill in the new year community groups are now scrambling to make budget cuts at Christmas time when their services are often most needed,' he said.

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