Wednesday 13 December 2017

Browne to make decision this week on whether to stand

David Tucker

Deputy John Browne
Deputy John Browne

Deputy John Browne says he will make a decision this week on whether to stand in the next General Election.

He said Fianna Fail's Enniscorthy Comhairle Ceantair was due to meet at the Riverside Park Hotel in Enniscorthy on Tuesday night (September 29), providing all of those involved with an opportunity to speak on the future shape of the party's political representation in the Dail.

'I'll make my decision this week on whether to stand, at this stage I don't know which direction it's going, he told this newspaper.

Deputy Browne said that heading into the meeting he had still not decided whether or not to allow his name to put forward, but said, 'it's not easy to walk away'.

'There's a meeting of the town cumann before the Comhairle Ceantair, so I will listen to what they have to say at both and they will listen me,' said the long-serving deputy.

'They have kept me in a job for the last 34 years, so they are not anxious to get rid of me. The Fianna Fail organisation in Enniscorthy is the best in the country, the only organisation that would have been equivalent to it, was Bertie Ahern's,' Deputy Browne told this newspaper.

He said he believed that Fianna Fail could take two seats in the election, but a second seat would be tough going.

'In my view we have a chance of one in the north and one in the south of the county, but that second seat won't be easy,' he said.

If he doesn't stand, his councillor son James will no doubt get his endorsement in Enniscorthy, but Deputy Browne said: 'It's hard to know what to do.'

Asked about the state of his health following weeks of post-operation convalescence earlier this year, he said he was 'doing all right'.

He said he was kept very busy as a deputy on the ground and found his passion for bringing politics to the people was still very much in demand.

Commenting on widely-held views that 'five ones' were a likely result in the election, he said he believed that Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Sinn Fein could all be in the running for the fifth seat.

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