Monday 14 October 2019

Bug problem fails to delay St. Mary's pitch project

Despite the warm weather playing havoc with its growth and a minor problem with an infestation of insects, the people behind the development of the St Mary's of Maudlintown pitch at first field in The Rocks have said that the club's plans are still firmly on track.

'We had a minor problem with bugs hatching and causing a few dead spots in the grass alright,' said Barry Kinsella, Vice-chairman and Development officer of the Mary's. 'There's no problem with it though. We've acted straight away on it and sprayed the areas that were affected so it's not a problem. The bugs are called leatherjackets and they are the larvae of the daddy long legs or crane fly. We weren't due to play on the pitch this year anyway, but we've been out with the herbicide and everything and it's all under control.'

Another problem facing the pitch has been the soaring temperatures and lack of rain water. 'We could do with a drop of rain for it alright,' said Barry. 'We're sinking a well for it this week and once that goes in we'll be able to get sprinklers up and running. The grass is looking very dry and patchy in places. Obviously we'd love for it to be lovely and green like Wexford Park, but once we it's watered it should fly up and look a lot better.'

Barry has also said that the new clubhouse to be built at the rocks should get planning permission in the next couple of weeks and after that it will go to tender. The club are hoping work will begin in October or November of this year.

Wexford People