Thursday 19 September 2019

Bui Bolg turn on magic in Dublin

WEXFORD street theatre company Bui Bolg stars in the national St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin today with a 'fantastic fairground' on the theme of the Victorian circus.

The company will be followed by a camera crew from BBC World which spent a day filming preparations in the Bui Bolg wokshop in Whitemill Industrial Estate last weekend.

The programme, to be broadcast all over the world, will be narrated by Bui Bolg man Eddie Milbourne.

'Extraordinary World' is the title of the Wexford company's capital city spectacular this year. It will highlight the mundane absurdity of everyday life.

The pageant will show the strange goings-on of Nintendo Boy, Merry Go Housework, wild accountants and tireless clowns. There will be stilt-walking lions and unicorns, talking hamsters and polar bears.

The cast of over 100 performers are drawn from the Bui Bolg Youth Group in Wexford and dancers from the Martina Leacy School of Dance in Enniscorthy.

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