Saturday 21 September 2019

Bunclody's Eilish denies she doesn't care about Operation Transformation after being accused of 'getting drunk on TV'

Bunclody's Eilish Kavanagh pictured with Kathryn Thomas.
Bunclody's Eilish Kavanagh pictured with Kathryn Thomas.
Dr. Ciara Kelly.

By Esther Hayden

Wexford's Operation Transformation' leader denied accusations by the show's Dr Ciara Kelly that she was 'getting drunk on TV'.

In last night's show Bunclody woman Eilish Kavanagh came in for sharp criticism from Dr. Ciara Kelly after she failed to reach her target weight loss of 2lbs.

After having a great weight loss the previous week Eilish lost one pound last week, half of her target loss.

Dr Kelly was highly critical of Eilish and lambasted her for drinking alcohol during the regime.

'Operation Transformation is about getting the country healthy and one of our five leaders went out this week and got drunk on TV,' Dr Kelly said.


Eilish replied that she wasn't drunk - but Dr Kelly interjected, saying: 'It's what it looked like and I'm disgusted because there are people around the country following you.

'There are young people watching this show, there are kids watching this show and I thought that was appalling.

'I might have expected it from one of our younger leaders but you are not one of our younger leaders.'

Eilish was also accused of throwing 'caution to the wind' after she attended the races at Gowran Park with her friends and enjoying a number of drinks.

On the show last night Eilish denied she didn't care. 'I did care. I looked up everything on the internet, my food was perfect for the day, I did my exercises.'

Eilish said she had been worried about the weight in. 'I knew it wasn't going to be okay because I was worried about today. I worked my socks off the week before knowing I had the day coming up.'

However, Dr Kelly further criticised her.

'You are supposed to work hard every week. This week was an abomination and I was embarrassed for you and I was disgusted to see you. You let the programme down. You let your followers down and with respect you let yourself down.'

Eilish said 'I made a mistake, I had a few drinks, I had a good day, that's life'.

After the programme was aired Dr Kelly defended her remarks. 'I don't believe I've done anything wrong. I'd probably say it all again because I think it needs to be said.

'In the heat of the moment, would I say the same thing again? Yeah, I probably would even despite the backlash. Because I actually think I would like to see us thinking about this and talking about it.'

She said she hoped Eilish wasn't upset by the remarks.

'I wouldn't like Eilish to be upset by this and I hope she's not. For me, this is about alcohol, it's not about Eilish and it's certainly not about getting at anybody.'

'As it happens, she's one of my very favourite leaders but for me I cannot be a medical doctor on the show and not challenge binge drinking, excessive drinking and our drink culture.'

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