Sunday 17 December 2017

Business booms at Mrs. Quin's

'SINCE the recession hit, we've been much busier,' said Agnes Freeman, manager of Mrs. Quin's charity shop at St. Michael's Place in Gorey town.

The shop raises funds for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, and has been operating in Gorey for over fifteen years.

Agnes said that they are seeing an increasing number of customers come through their doors, and donations have also increased. ' We're finding we're getting a lot of house clearances,' she said. ' You might have people moving back to Dublin or abroad, and are selling their second homes here. We also have foreign nationals moving back home. We are selling more household goods compared to what we were.'

She added that there has been an increase in requests for school uniforms. 'For example, a school skirt could be €75 new, and they could get them for €4 or €5. I've never seen as many people looking for school uniforms before,' she commented.

' We find people are more cautious about spending money on clothes,' continued Agnes. 'For example, we have a skirt here that still has the label on it, and it cost €119 new. We're selling it for €8.'

She said that there has also been an increased demand for books, which are typically sold for €2 or €3.

More people have also been eager to volunteer to work in the shop. ' People have more time on their hands and they offer to come in and volunteer,' said Agnes. ' We have more than enough volunteers at the moment, and our list is full. Our volunteers are very reliable and very good.'

All proceeds from the shop go to the NCBI. 'People feel they are getting a bargain, and are doing some good at the same time,' said Agnes.

More information on the charity's work is available on . The Gorey shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is open through lunch. They can be contacted on (087) 1394342.

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