Wednesday 23 October 2019

Businesses hit by a surprise deluge

The SuperValu car park blocked off on Friday morning.
The SuperValu car park blocked off on Friday morning.

Maria Pepper

A short-lived shower of torrential rain brought surprise flooding to Wexford last week.

Business premises suffered damage in the heatwave cloudburst last Friday morning.

The heavens opened up shortly before 9 a.m. and a deluge of water fell in the space of 15 minutes.

Carraig Donn clothing and homeware shop on South Main Street was unable to open because of water damage.

Signs in the window telling customers the premises was closed due to flooding seemed at odds with the beaming sun that shone for the rest of the day.

To heighten the confusing weather picture, Wexford Fire Fighters were busy dealing with gorse fires elsewhere.

Carraig Donn manager Olivia O'Grady arrived in the premises to find 'a waterfall coming from the roof of the shop through the top floor and down to the basement'.

Stock and fittings, including the till and electrics, were damaged.

Carraig Donn, which currently has a summer sale, was forced to close for repairs to be carried out. The premises will reopen on Wednesday morning, with a clearance sale of flood-damaged stock.

Olivia said some people were confused by the 'Closed Due to Flooding' sign, especially customers who came into Wexford town from outlying areas where it hadn't rained.

'It didn't rain everywhere. It was very localised,' she said.

The underground car park in Pettitt's SuperValu at Keywest was also flooded and remained closed until mid-afternoon on Friday.

SuperValu manager Anne Marie Fortune said the weather was fine as she drove from her home in Ferns, but as she neared Wexford town, there was a downpour.

She heard the flood alarm going off as she arrived at the store and went downstairs to find the sea level car park completely flooded in a few inches of water.

'I had a look and realised that water was coming up through the underground pipes as well,' she said. 'We were advised that there was to be a high tide at 10 a.m. so we decided to close the car park in case it got any worse.'

Advance Cleaners later arrived to pump out the water and clean the area before customers were allowed to drive in again.

A downstairs staff room and canteen was also slightly damaged by the flooding.

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