Monday 18 December 2017

Byrne queries €213,000 cost of controlling dogs

THE COST of controlling dogs in County Wexford is bigger than any other county of similar size.

North Wexford Councillor Malcolm Byrne is seeking better value for money when it comes to controlling dogs in County Wexford.

He said that last year, €213,000 was spent on the service. Taking the dog wardens salary and expenses out of that figure he said that '€130,000 is being spent on additional vets fees, grooming and kennel costs'.

It's a figure which Cllr. Byrne believes is too high.

While he maintained that every effort should be made to re-home animals, Wexford County Council were spending more than any other county of similar size to control dogs.

Wexford County Council provides a central dog re-homing centre in partnership with Pets First Veterinary Centre and kennels at Tomanoole, Ballycarney, Enniscorthy.

The centre includes 'state of the art dog kennels for use in re-homing stray and unwanted dogs with modern public viewing facilities'.

During 2010 over 65% of dogs were re-homed or reclaimed by their owners.The number of dogs collected or surrendered was 1,312. Of these 656 were re-homed, 198 were reclaimed an 457 were put to sleep.

The number of dog licences purchased in County Wexford last year was 10,456.

' The money we are spending on the control of dogs is grossly exceeding what we are taking in with licence fees,' said Cllr. Byrne.

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