Friday 17 November 2017

Byrne says trailer move was 'suspicious'

By Esther Hayden

Aoife Byrne's advertising trailer which was abandoned on the Newline Road.
Aoife Byrne's advertising trailer which was abandoned on the Newline Road.

A trailer which is being used to raise the profile of Fianna Fail candidate Aoife Byrne was abandoned in a dangerous spot on the Newline Road last week.

Pictures of the abandoned trailer were quickly shared online garnering national attention with many people questioning the location of the trailer at such a notorious blackspot.

A newcomer to the campaign trail, Aoife Byrne, a native of Fethard-On-Sea, is the daughter of former minister Hugh Byrne and was a late addition to the Fianna Fail ticket in Wexford. The AIB employee who has lived in Wexford town for a number of years said that the trailer had been 'suspiciously moved' to the location on the Newline Road.

Addressing the position of the trailer on social media Ms Byrne said: 'The trailer was moved at 1.30pm. It's axle was broken and it had a flat tyre too. I do accept I should have secured it better. I or my team would never intentionally cause a hazard on the road in order to gain support.

'Anybody that knows me will accept my apology and sincerity. I believe using this serious incident to throw abuse my way merits no further reply. A lot of agendas are at play here that have both nothing to do with the conversation and disrespects those that have lost their lives on the road and their families. Lesson learned without any accident thank God!'

She went on to say the 'high jinks' could have caused an accident. 'Someone's idea of high jinks could have caused an accident and I sincerely wish to apologise for any distress caused. My advertising trailer was moved and abandoned in a dangerous spot on the Newline Road to make it seem my campaign team had no respect for drivers or road safety.

'This is not the case. Please think before you act. The trailer has now been moved.'

She thanked those who had brought the matter to her attention. A party spokesperson said that the trailer had been suspiciously moved' from a location further up the road which it was claimed it had been 'safety parked'.

The spokesperson went on to say that 'it was either a case of people trying to steal it and being interrupted or something equally sinister.'

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