Sunday 20 October 2019

Call for ban of developers of some estates

A call from Cllr Malcolm Byrne to deny planning permission in future to all developers responsible for unfinished housing estates has been dismissed by acting county manager Adrian Doyle.

The councillor noted that in the case of the developer who built the Aylesbridge (Ardamine) and Chapelwood (Kilmuckridge) estates, it will be necessary for Wexford County Council to call in €380,000 in bonds. Yet even this amount will not suffice to cover all the work required, he reckoned.

Cllr Byrne wanted an assurance that the developer in question and any associated companies will be denied planning permission for any further developments. However, Adrian Doyle was reluctant to impose any blanket ban.

He pointed out that the figure for bonds had been set by the county council and, where the amount fell short of what is required, it is up to the local authority to review its procedures. He also felt that officials are not always aware of why a developer may be in trouble, or how they had been treated by their banks.

'Many developers are honourable people,' he declared, amid calls from Cllr Byrne to consider the residents first. The manager insisted that any decision on whether to blacklist anyone would be taken case by case.

Director of planning Eamonn Hore revealed that 15 estates had already been handed over by developers to the council this year after being brought up to standard, with 16 more pending.

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