Tuesday 20 August 2019

Call for urgent action at 'no lights' junction in Wexford

The junction where the traffic lights are out of action.
The junction where the traffic lights are out of action.


ROAD works taking place at the 'uncontrolled' junction of George's Street and John's Road in Wexford are dangerous and there have already been at least two near-misses there.

Traffic lights, which normally control the flow of traffic at the busy junction, have been out of action for more than a week, while the works are taking place, and in effect it has become a four-way stop.

Since the lights went out, it has been a virtual free-for-all for motorists during the rush hours in the morning and evening, with drivers doing their best to negotiate their way around the cross and a large number of red and white barriers restricting vision, often in the face of oncoming traffic.

Traffic is particularly heavy when parents are dropping off and collecting young children to and from the Mercy National School further up John's Road. At times contractors are attempting to help the traffic flow but this is often not the case. 'There have been some near misses and I have asked the council to do something about the situation which is dangerous and unacceptable. Drivers on John's Road assume they have the right of way,' said Cllr George Lawlor, 'I have had many complaints about it.'

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