Thursday 23 November 2017

Campaign raises €3,000 for tiny puppy Florence

By david looby

Florence is being operated on today
Florence is being operated on today

A FUNDRASING campaign launched to save the life of beautiful puppy who weighs just one kilo has raised €3,000, more than enough for her operation today (Tuesday).

Seven-week-old Chihuahua, Jack Russell cross Florence urgently requires surgery for Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a life threatening heart defect.

WSPCA Rehoming Officer Brigid Cullen said the response after this newspaper highlighted her story was phenomenal with people sending money from across the country.

Ms Cullen said: 'We had women in their eighties donating money from Mayo, Kildare and Waterford, along with donations from County Wexford. We got more than €3,000 when we were hoping to get €2,000.'

€2,330 was raised through a GoFundMe page and the remaining €670 came from donations.

'The day after the story was in the Wexford People the phone never stopped ringing. The amount of people who rang up and wanted to know about Florence and want to be updated about her was phenomenal.'

Florence was one of five puppies found with their mother in Clonroche in August.

Her mother was killed and Florence was cared for by a foster mother.

She was seen by a vet in September after she started making strange noises.

The vet suspected PDA and told her foster mother that a specialist cardiology scan was needed for a diagnosis. The cardiology specialist vet agreed to carry out the surgery at a much reduced rate and said Florence is a good candidate for this surgery and it carries only a 5 per cent risk of fatality.

So Florence and her foster Mum went all the way from Wexford to Cork but the cardiology machine was broken so they had to go to a centre in Armagh where the only other canine cardiology machine in the country was located.

After Florence has the surgery on Tuesday, she will live a normal life with a normal life expectancy and completely medication free.

'Florence is doing absolutely fantastic. She is like a little wind-up toy who plays around and collapses and takes a rest. Hopefully she doesn't get an infection before the operation on November 22. She is eating well, is safe and warm and loves playing with her toy lion.

'She even carries him to bed with her but she also has episodes of coughing and is currently on a diuretic to reduce the build up of fluid on her lungs from the PDA but she is a fighter,' Ms Cullen said.

WSPCA plan to find a home for her once she has recovered from the operation.

'There is a 5 per cent chance that something will go wrong so we are praying she comes through it okay.

'We were hoping to cover the costs of the operation and the scan in Armagh so we wouldn't have to cut any corner and now we have more than enough.

'We'd like to thank everybody for their generosity and support for Florence,' she said.

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