Tuesday 20 August 2019

Can you afford not to have accurate heat detection?

The Dairymaster MooMonitor is the most technologically advanced method of heat detection on the market today and it can pay for itself in a matter of months. Estimates for the cost of a missed heat vary from €150 - €240 meaning that accurate heat detection is vital.

The MooMonitor gathers data on a 24 hour basis and downloads this information wirelessly to the base station at intervals set by the operator e.g. milking time or at any time of the day or night.

Research has shown that the correct timing of AI increases conception rate and with the Dairymaster MooMonitor system the farmer can view the information on an hourly basis allowing them to inseminate cows at the optimum time.

An extra benefit of the system is that the user can be alerted to certain illnesses promptly and reliably through changes in the cow's behavioural pattern. It is a combination of intelligent software and nanotechnology which is revolutionary in the way the MooMonitor works.

The Dairymaster MooMonitor is proven to work with cows on pasture which is the most challenging environment to detect heat as the variation level is much higher. Scientific trials that were carried out by Teagasc in Ireland prove the systems reliability where cows are out on pasture. Additional trials have been carried out in North America on housed cows with fantastic results.

Cows do not need to pass through any device in order for information to be downloaded to the base station, once the cow is within range of the base station, wireless technology is utilised to collect the data.

Another unique feature is that when used in conjunction with the Farm Messenger it is possible to get alerts on your mobile phone, a text message is sent to nominated mobiles which can include your AI technician with a list of cows that are in heat. Dairymaster also have an mobile app that is currently on trial and will be available soon.

It is also possible where a Dairymaster Integrated AutoDrafting system is installed that the computer can be pre-programmed to automatically draft cows that are flagged as being in heat. This automatically segregates the cows that need further attention meaning less stress on you and on the cow.

Another unique feature of the MooMonitor in an integrated setting is that it can play VoiceAssist alerts. This is where it can be automatically configured to play an audio warning message when the cow enters the parlour and again as the cluster is attached. This effortlessly makes the operator aware when each cow is in heat.

The big advantage of the Dairymaster MooMonitor is that the batteries are replaceable and the unit is serviceable.

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