Saturday 21 September 2019

Canadian dignitary 'should have gone to Specsavers'


THE CANADIAN ambassador should have gone to Specsavers before visiting Enniscorthy, according to Cllr. Paddy Kavanagh. The diplomat complained recently that there were no signs in the town centre to direct him to Vinegar Hill.

His problem bemused councillors who felt that there is no missing the historic peak which looms large over Enniscorthy. Cllr. Jackser Owens acknowledged that the signs are missing from the west side but pointed out that there are at least three signs on the east.

'They would want to go to Specsavers if they could not see Vinegar Hill,' declared Cllr. Kavanagh. Cllr. Pat Cody commented that the Father Murphy statue in Market Square is waving the Croppy Boy across to Vinegar Hill. He also had an alternative, sporting explanation for the priest's gesture: 'You won't make it with the Rapps. You may go to the Shamrocks.'

The topic of the ambassador's comments came up as town clerk Padraig O'Gorman revealed that new bilingual signs are going up around Enniscorthy, though not pointing the way to the old battlefield. Instead the signs will advertise various neighbourhoods including Bellefield Road, St. Aidan's Villas, Irish Street and Moran Park. Cllr. Seán Óg Doyle wanted to see signs erected for Barker's Bridge, the name given to the old stone bridge in honour of one of the Enniscorthy leaders of the rebellion in 1798.

Cllr. Keith Doyle suggested that signs indicating the site of historical events could be used in devising a historical trail for tourists walking around Enniscorthy.

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