Wednesday 13 December 2017

Cancer the main cause of death across Wexford

By David tucker

Overall, the number of people dying from cancer is still rising.
Overall, the number of people dying from cancer is still rising.

Cancer remains the main cause of death and illness in Wexford according to leading life insurer Irish Life.

The insurer said it paid out more than €7 million to customers and their families in County Wexford who were affected by illness and death during 2016.

The figures are contained in a national report which provides a unique insight into the health of the people of Ireland, and includes a breakdown of the illnesses and conditions that led to payments by Irish Life of €171 million to 2,600 customers and their families affected by illness and death during 2016.

The analysis of the claims book shows that Irish Life paid over €5.4 million for 51 Life Insurance claims in County Wexford and a further €1.8 million for 32 Specified Illness claims. Cancer was once again the main cause of both Life Insurance and Specified Illness claims in Wexford, followed by heart related conditions as the second biggest cause of claims.

In 2016, the average age of Life Insurance claims in Wexford was 62 years, while the average age of those with Specified Illness claims was 55 years.

Martin Duffy, Head of Underwriting and Protection Claims, Irish Life Retail, said the 2016 report highlights how important it is that the people of Wexford protect themselves against any financial difficulties caused by unexpected illness or death.

'This is shown by the fact that accidents were the second biggest cause of life insurance claims for people under 40 years, while nearly 40 per cent of our Specified Illness claims were for people under 50 years, which are startling figures,' he said.

Overall, the number of people dying from cancer in Ireland is continuing to rise, as the claims data showed that over half of women (51 per cent) and 41 per cent of men died from cancer, up from 48 per cent and 39 per cent respectively in 2015.

In relation to Specified Illness claims, understandably men and women claimed for different cancer related illnesses; Breast cancer was the main cancer for women, followed by lung cancer and colorectal cancer, while for men; prostate cancer was the main cancer, followed by colorectal and kidney cancers.

Men made up 85 per cent of Specified Illness claims for heart related conditions, highlighting another very significant gender difference.

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