Monday 11 December 2017

Candidates were asked what they would do for Wexford if elected

Cllr James Browne.
Cllr James Browne.
Aoife Byrne.
Cllr Malcolm Byrne
Senator Michael D'Arcy
Minister Paul Kehoe.
Julie Hogan
Cllr Deirdre Wadding.
John Dwyer.
Ann Walsh will represent the Green Party in next year's election.
General Election candidate Leonard Kelly.
Cllr Ger Carthy
Minister Brendan Howlin
Emmet Moloney recently announced his candidacy.

James Browne (Fianna Fáil)

'The key for me is to get Wexford onto the agenda, whether that is in relation to crime, health, education or anything else. We are the third poorest county in the country but we have so much potential - we should be one of most successful. When you think of our population, natural resources, tourism, agrifood and proximity to Dublin and Europe, the county should be booming. I intend to be an absolute pain in the neck to every civil servant because to me, it seems that they are not paying attention to Wexford.'

David Lloyd (Direct Democracy Ireland)

'My core point would be the reinstatement of Article 47 and 48 to what they were in 1922. They gave people the power. That's why I am running for Direct Democracy Ireland. They stated that people could collect signatures in order to propose or change a law. There was a threshold for signatures in each constituency and once that was met, it would trigger a referendum. These were amended to what they are now when the government at the time realised the power that these two articles had. My second point would be to have more accountability for elected representatives. There's no accountability for any of them when they are in office.'

Emmet Moloney (Independent)

'If elected, the main thing I will do for the people of county Wexford is to champion and improve frontline services, from mental health services, health, crime, education and social and affordable housing and the improving of SMEs and enterprise within the county. I will also call for the scrapping of Irish water once and for all.'

Leonard Kelly (Social Democrats)

'It is time for honesty and strong ideas, a longer term view, some real vision of what our county can be, and a plan to get there. I will strive for an inclusive society, responsible economics and support for enterprise. I will ensure that the people of Wexford get what's needed to allow them to play to their strengths, in areas such as the Arts and Culture, Agriculture and Tourism. I will work to ensure we get proper social housing and rent certainty, a new co-education secondary school, that our acute and community based mental health services are resourced and funded and that garda numbers are sufficient to ensure that people feel safe in their communities.'

Brendan Howlin (Labour Party)

'My main focus for Wexford is to provide a decently paid job for every person who wants one here in our own country. We have reduced the numbers unemployed by 5,000 over the past few years. We have more to do. Bringing natural gas will protect existing jobs and attract more. Major construction of public buildings, new schools, health centres, court buildings and the Garda station will address real need and provide much needed jobs for builders.

My next task is to develop Wexford as a hub for financial services and medical devices. The plans are in train but we need the support of government to make them a reality.

Education is the single most important means to equality of opportunity. When the secondary schools are built we need to ensure that the University of the South East, with a vibrant Wexford campus, becomes a reality. I have ensured that the site for this campus is being acquired. It again will require significant political will to ensure that the campus is speedily built.

Ger Carthy (Independent)

If the people of Wexford put their trust in me on Friday I pledge to be a strong Independent voice for Wexford, both in terms of tackling the problems of individuals and ensuring that the broader social and economic issues which face the county are given priority.

I will continue to highlight the impact of cuts to health, welfare, education and services catering for the disabled and the elderly, on the lives of ordinary people and seek to have them reversed.

I will campaign vigorously to ensure that a new second level school is constructed in Wexford town; promote the development of Rosslare Europort as part of a countywide jobs creation programme; campaign for an improvement in rail services to Wexford and the provision of proper bus stations in the county.

Rural communities need investment in roads, crime prevention and services and there is an urgent need to commence a massive house building programme in all parts of the county.

Above all I want to be a positive and constructive voice for Wexford and its people at national level.

Deirdre Wadding (Anti Austerity Alliance - People Before Profit)

'Certain things I want for Wexford translate across all of Ireland, such as measures to benefit the less well off and lower and middle income sectors, social housing, health care and the reinstatement of all the services that were cut, but very particularly pertaining to Wexford, mental health.

'There's no argument that services have been slashed and that Wexford has double the average suicide rate and needs a proper 24/7 service.

'I will also work to ensure Wexford gets a new secondary school, for the restoration of axed rural bus services and introducing a differential rate system to help local businesses in Wexford, as well as looking at how the artistic community is being supported.'

Julie Hogan (Fine Gael)

'My plan is to retain Liam Twomey's seat and have an office in Wexford so I am an accessible candidate. I want to help implement the Fine Gael plan to get people back to work and fully represent the people of Wexford, address inequality and have Wexford "heaving" again. I will work for affordable childcare, youth services and the care of the over-65s, especially in rural areas, in terms of isolation and vulnerability.'

Malcolm Byrne (Fianna Fáil)

'I want to be a TD for the whole county. I want Wexford to be a prosperous county with skilled employment in both traditional areas but also new industries such as technology. I want Wexford to be a county where we can guarantee a roof over every citizen's head and I want it to be a safe county where people can feel safe in their homes and their community. We need to be able to guarantee a secondary school place for every child especially those with disabilities and special needs as well as access to third level education. I have the ability and the experience to deliver these things.'

Michael D'Arcy (Fine Gael)

'My primary objective is to bring jobs to the county. The recovery has been urban Dublin centred and the challenge is to bring that to rural Ireland and rural Wexford so as to accommodate people with more work, better work and higher paid work which will benefit the entire county.

'Another area I want to tackle is the area of domestic violence against women and children which has a huge negative impact and has been completely forgotten about in this election. We also need social housing but equally we need affordable housing to help the working squeezed middle get onto the property ladder.'

Aoife Byrne (Fianna Fáil)

'I will represent the people of Wexford with passion and integrity. I will focus on creating sustainable jobs for our young people and will secure access to educational opportunities for all, focusing on delivering a new Secondary School in Wexford town and the delivery of a Technological University for the South East, with a campus in Wexford. I will address the needs of young families, particularly around crippling childcare costs, and will work to support older people stay in their own homes and communities. I am committed to improving access to primary care and 24/7 psychiatric services in the county. I will ensure a strong female voice is ar the table and with your support, together we can Make Wexford Work and elect a Woman from Wexford to the Dail.'

Caroline Foxe (Independent)

'A strong, independent candidate. I will ensure democracy works. I will defend, protect and preserve our communities - retain social welfare payments in post offices to ensure their survival. Increase garda presence, save Rosslare Europort, fight for disability rights and provide a fair and equal education system, ensure that everybody has a place to call home. Call for a review of our abysmal health service and mental health services. Wexford needs acute mental health services now. I want an eight bed psychiatric unit at Wexford General Hospital with immediate effect. A number one vote for me is a vote for common sense. I will be an unyielding voice in Dáil Éireann committed to the people of County Wexford.'

Ann Walsh (Green Party)

'I would commit to work hard and smart for the people of Wexford. We need to prioritise social justice issues such as mental health, disability and housing. In addition we need to focus on nurturing the green economy where there is huge potential for growth and where Wexford could become a leader tapping into the huge building expertise that already exists in the county. By doing this we would bring much-needed jobs to the county.

'I believe that the people of Wexford deserve a green voice in Dail Eireann who will represent them with energy and integrity.'

John Dwyer (Independent)

'New Ross is getting a new bypass in the next two years so the town needs to reinvent itself. That is why New Ross needs a strong voice at Leinster House to direct the arguments for the area. If elected I would be this strong voice. I would use the opportunity to professionalise what I have been doing on a voluntary basis by opening a constituency office to handle queries as county councillors don't have the resources. I have never turned anyone away and I would represent everyone equally. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country so I would promote the area better.'

Paul Kehoe (Fine Gael)

'Jobs, jobs, and more jobs. I want to create jobs for people and to get people back to work. This will create less of a burden for the state. The new bypasses at Enniscorthy and New Ross will open up the county and I was to see the completion of those.

'Talks about the establishment of a technological university for the South East are at a semi advanced stage and we have identified a site for this. The bypasses and the technological university will bring IDA supported businesses to Wexford. I will also work on developing a sustainable agricultural policy for farmers and on combating rural crime to help ensure people feel safe in their homes.'

Neither Mick Wallace (Independent) nor Johnny Mythen (Sinn Fein) responded.

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