Tuesday 17 September 2019

Cannabis sprayed with speed on market

CANNABIS which has been sprayed with amphetamine is being sold to young drug users in the county.

A drugs worker confirmed to this newspaper that altered cannabis is being sold in the west of the county, adding that synthetic drugs inlucing Bonzai are being sold in New Ross and also in Wexford.

Paul Delaney of the Cornmarket Project confirmed that a warning was issued in the county among drug workers and agencies about cannabis which was laced with other drugs, including heroin.

Mr Delaney said: 'It seems to ebb and flow; there have been instances of this in recent years. Amphetamine laced cannabis has been reported. People using cannabis expect a certain buzz and what they get is frightening.'

He said altered cannabis was reported in west Wexford in the Enniscorthy area, adding that amphetamine is sprayed onto the cannabis, making it more potent for users.

Bonzai use remains a major problem in New Ross and in Wexford, according to drugs worker Ann Lacey, who said some users experience feelings of being very unwell, while the drug is also very addictive.

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