Tuesday 20 August 2019

Carrigbyrne Mini Farm Telephone 051 420988 / 087 2949164

CARRIGBYRNE MINI FARM is fast becoming one of the best known and loved attractions. Located on the N25 road out of after ballinaboola, just 10 minutes away from Wexford and the same from New Ross, it is a fantastic way to spend a fun day out. The farm is especially popular for school tours and birthday party and provides an unforgettable experience.

Experience the outdoor life by taking the farm walk which has been specially designed to enable you get up close and feed the numerous animals on the farm. The children love to feed the animals. They have all the usual animals in addition to llamas, emus, ostridge, eagle owl and deer. An added attraction if you like to have a 10ft snake wrapped around you for photos.

A lot of the animals are enclosed which makes it easy to feed and cuddle them. The rabbit paddock with lots of rabbits running around is a huge attraction with all ages. The poultry section is always fascinating and if you are lucky you may even experience the joy of watching a new chick being hatched. Weather permitting you can enjoy the mini golf, football pitch, picnic area, leprechaun Forest and outdoor swings, slides, etc. However, don't let the weather put you off as many of the Facilities are indoors.

With summer approaching the farm is full of baby lambs, chicks, goats, lama, etc. This is an experi

ence not to be missed.

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