Monday 22 January 2018

Castlebridge residents terrified to report vandals

By David Tucker

gardai are examing CCTV to see if they can determine who is responsible for a spate of vandalism in Castlebridge over the past week, although local people are said to be too terrified of reprisals to make official statements.

Shop windows have been smashed, signs broken, the handball alley was attacked and according to one report stones were thrown at a bus as it was travelling through the village last Monday night.

'They seemed to be on something of a rampage last Monday,' said a local woman who asked not to be named. 'A lady on one of the housing estates had two windows smashed and now she's too terrified to leave her house,' said the woman. In one incident, windows were smashed at the now unoccupied Forge Restaurant while a window was smahed and a sign destroyed at the Frying Irishman.

In another attack, an auctioneer's signboard was torn up and thrown away, and in another incident a local man's house windows were broken. The woman said gardai had told her that unless people were willing to come forward and make officials statements there was nothing they could do, 'but people are too terrified'. 'It's terrible, they are so brazen. They don't seem to be afraid of the guards,' she said.

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