Thursday 23 November 2017

Cat killing shows lack of a moral compass

Animal cruelty at any level is unacceptable.
Animal cruelty at any level is unacceptable.

We all know that Hallowe'en brings out a certain level of bad behaviour but what happened in Clonmel last week was truly sickening.

A group of youths strapped a firework onto a cat's head and lit it.

It is staggering to think that this is what constitutes entertainment for some very disturbed people.

The poor creature never stood a chance. What would anybody have to gain by such a cruel and repulsive act?

While the act itself was disgusting in its own right, it begs and even more worrying question. Where is these people's moral compass?

How could they treat an innocent creature with such contempt and cruelty?

Was it for kicks? Was it to watch an animal suffer, or was it purely because they could?

And, why did nobody stand up and say 'enough is enough'.

Not alone was this incident highlighted, but animal welfare groups also reported previous attempts to throw a dog onto a bonfire.

Fireworks, bangers, bonfires - all are part of the Hallowe'en tradition. All come with their own dangers, highlighted year after year by the authorities in the hope of preventing serious injury or death.

Year after year, people ignore this advice and end up in A&E with injuries ranging from minor burns to lost limbs.

How could this group put such little value on the life of a small animal? How could they watch it suffer and not feel anything?

Many will dismiss this youthful shenanigans but my view is that anyone who would kill even a cat in such a violent and harrowing manner, is dangerous.

Somebody made the effort to hold that creature down and attach the firework and light it.

Did they stop and think of the consequences or even feel a bit of remorse after the animal perished?

Maybe it wasn't so funny after all when the poor thing was destroyed in such a frightening way.

This act has prompted calls for Garda intervention but the only way this can happen is if it is reported.

Somebody knows who did this. Somebody has the power to make them accountable and to hopefully understand that animal cruelty, at any level, is unacceptable.

Wexford People

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