Thursday 23 November 2017

CBS Primary Facebook info page launched

Strengthening communication between school and home is the aim of the new CBS Primary Facebook page, which was launched in recent weeks.

Established by teacher Mairead Parle and members of the Board of Management Lucy Small and Sylvester Donegan, 'CBS Primary Wexford' will give parents up to date information about what is going on in the child's classes, as well inform them about things such as school closures, fundraisers and non-uniform days. It will be moderated by Sylvester along with Mairead, who said that the page has been a while in the making.

'We got together as a school and decided that a Facebook page would be of great benefit. We do have good communication with parents through newsletters but we didn't feel we were making the most of the technology available,' she said. 'We decided to set up the Facebook page as a sort of noticeboard. A lot of work went into the plan to launch it in September but we had to go back to the acceptable usage policy which outlines our policy in regard to internet safety. We have worked on everything to make sure that we are protecting the safety of the children.'

In order to protect pupil safety and privacy, no names will be used with the photos and parents are being asked not to tag their children. Parents can also decide whether or not they are happy for photos of their children being uploaded online through filling out a consent form. In addition, all comments made by members of the public will need to be approved by a moderator.

Though only in its early days, the school hope to allow teachers to be moderators in the coming months.

'So much happens in the school behind closed doors. The teachers are doing amazing things. We thought it would be nice to strengthen the links between home and school and give parents a snapshot of what we are doing,' said Mairead.

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