Saturday 17 August 2019

CBS students get musical

Wexford CBS
Wexford CBS

By Esther Hayden

The boys of Wexford CBS know their ABC's.

The students updated the Jackson 5 classic last week with a very local video about the school.

Assistant principal John Hegarty said the idea for the video was two fold - to say goodbye to the current school which will be knocked soon to make way for a new school and to showcase all that goes on in the school.

'We thought it would be a nice record of the school and also to show some of the stuff that goes on in the school. We got Conor Stafford in to do the video and it was all done in one day. Ciara Spellman was the art director and the lads had no rehearsals at all and were great.

'We wanted to give a flavour of the school and it's been getting a great reaction since we put it up on the website. We've gotten an incredible response which we didn't expect. The music teachers and a few others chose the song and the boys gave it their full approval. We felt the Happy song had been done a lot so we wanted to choose something different.'

The video shows various activities, academic, sporting and extra curricular, which take place at the school.

John said it is hoped to start building work at the school in the summer but demolition isn't expected to start until late next year.

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