Tuesday 19 November 2019

CCTV cameras finally installed at Talbot Green

Some of the CCTV cameras installed at Talbot Green.
Some of the CCTV cameras installed at Talbot Green.

Pádraig Byrne

It is hoped that some of the social problems which have plagued the Talbot Green area in recent times will become a thing of the past after Wexford County Council followed through on its promise to install CCTV cameras at strategic points around the street.

Residents were at their wits end following numerous instances of illegal dumping and the discovery of used syringes carelessly discarded around the street. Shockingly, on a couple of occasions, needles were discovered by children out playing and several syringes were found near a laneway just yards from the CBS Primary School.

In recent weeks, things escalated further when bags of discarded rubbish were set alight in the back of an abandoned van on the street.

Despite these continuing problems, a solid group of residents in Talbot Green have been trying their best to clean things up and get rid of some of the anti-social behaviour which has blackened their community. Over the summer, a successful family fun day was held on the green and those involved were delighted with the level of community spirit on display.

Cllr Tom Forde has been liaising with the Talbot Green residents for some time and was delighted to finally see the CCTV cameras erected.

'I had this motion before the council initially over a year ago,' he said. 'Obviously I'm delighted to see the cameras finally installed. The hope is that it will stem the flow of anti-social behaviour in the area, but also if there is any, that prosecutions will follow as a result of the cameras.'

'There's a great community up there and they've been trying so hard to improve things,' Cllr Forde continued. 'They've been fighting against the tide to a large degree, but hopefully these cameras will make a huge difference.'

The cameras are due to stay in place for the next six months, at which point the situation will be reviewed by the council.

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