Thursday 18 January 2018

Chamber and PwC to host Budget briefing at Talbot

THE BUDGET is uppermost in many business minds in Co. Wexford today, the day the nature and scale of both fiscal and spending adjustments will be made clear.

Hopefully it will be the last of the painful budgets of the recent past, with local business anxious to see if their suggestions have been taken on board.

PwC, in association with Wexford Chamber, will be holding a Budget briefing in the Talbot Hotel on Wednesday, October 16, that will assess Budget 2014's impact on business. The briefing commences with registration at 7.45am and concludes no later than 9.30am.

Chamber president Fleur Creed is eager to see if issues raised in the Chamber's pre-Budget submission were taken on board.

'Budget 2014 comes at another crucial time for the Irish economy and despite recent positive news, such as the deal on the promissory notes, Ireland continues to borrow over €1bn every month,' she said.

'It is not a case of either or when it comes to austerity but a case of ensuring there is balance between the need to match costs to income while also encouraging investment, which is the key to growth and prosperity'

In the area of taxation, Wexford Chamber has called on Government to defend the current 12.5% Corporation Tax rate as a vital attractor of foreign direct investment, to steer away from any further tax increases other than those already scheduled, on either business or consumers, and to hold sick pay costs and employers' PRSI contributions at current levels.

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