Monday 19 August 2019

Change of plan on Bakehouse demolition

The Bakehouse building in Carne.
The Bakehouse building in Carne.

By Maria Pepper

A derelict restaurant overlooking the sea in Carne which was supposed to be demolished, has been given a reprieve by Wexford County Council, leading a local councillor to raise questions about the safety of the building.

The Bakehouse on Carne Pier, once a popular restaurant with a residential area attached, has been lying empty for many years and an engineer's report carried out over a year ago, recommended that it be demolished in the interest of public safety.

However, following another more recent engineer's review, the Council decided not to knock the premises down but to make it safe and give it a lick of paint instead.

Independent councillor Ger Carthy was confused when informed of the change of plan at a meeting of Wexford Borough District Council and warned about the danger of leaving the building standing.

He wanted to know why the building hadn't been demolished as recommended in the original engineer's report.

'I was told by the Borough Engineer and the Director of Services that it was a question of finance and that it cost less to make it safe than to demolish it,' said Cllr. Carthy.

There is uncertainty over the ownership of the property which was taken over by the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) and later featured in an Allsops distressed auction. 'There is a whole mess over the title,' he said.

'I can't understand it, you have one engineer deciding it should be demolished and another saying it shouldn't. If something happens to someone down there, if someone is injured, who is responsible. It's a dangerous precedent, ' warned Cllr. Carthy who lives in nearby Our Lady's Island.

'My worry is if youngsters get up on the flat roof and it collapses.'

He said he is aware of an individual who is interested in buying the property which previously had planning permission for the building of three houses and has also been the subject of Derelict Structures enforcement action by the local authority.

'We are trying to attract tourists to the area and the last thing we want is a dirty eyesore on Carne Pier,' said Cllr. Carthy.

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