Sunday 18 August 2019

Changes to harbour charges 'positive'

A NEW €100 combined charge for vessel owners using Wexford and Kilmore Quay harbours will mean a saving of €60 annually.

Senior Executive Engineer Gerry Forde said the county has 11 piers and harbours which the council subsidises to the sum of €300,000.

Harbourmaster Captain Phil Murphy said marine leisure and commercial fishing slipway charges for Wexford and Kilmore Quay were previously €80 each and are now €100.

The daily slipway charge has increased from €15 to €25.

Captain Murphy said: 'My staff spend a lot of time having to coerce people into paying the charge.' The new rates will be introduced from early 2016.

Cllr Jim Moore said the changes are positive, adding that the decision to remove the charge for landing with under 10 gross tonnes will help shellfish fishermen in the county. 'We have a sizable fishing fleet many of which operate out of several ports.'

He said the new system will fairer to fishermen. Cllr Martin Murphy asked if landing charges are proposed for Slade and Ballyhack harbours as there is a long history of ownerships of berths in both ports. He was told the council does not plan to introduce charges there.

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