Sunday 20 October 2019

Charity begins at home with Cafolla's Christmas campaign

George Golea at Caffolas in Wexford.
George Golea at Caffolas in Wexford.

By David Tucker

CHARITY will begin in the chipper over the build-up to Christmas as Wexford businessman George Golea embarks on a campaign to help feed homeless people.

George said customers at his Cafollas chippers in Thomas Clarke Place and in Castlebridge will be able to make donations to his 'On-Hold' scheme when they call in for their own orders.

Any donations, with contributions from the businesses, will go towards providing hot meals for the homeless and any cash left over at the end of each week will be distributed to nursing homes.

'We have to do something for people who don't have any money in their pockets, for the homeless people,' said George, 'and with Christmas coming we thought December would be a good month to start.'

He said donations of any size would be welcome.

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