Monday 19 August 2019

Charlie's running 30 marathons...



A COUNTY Wexford man is putting his endurance to the test and running his socks off for charity, as he attempts to complete 30 marathons and a 100 mile road race in just one year!

Charlie Walsh from Barntown has already completed 15 marathons so far this year and is currently stepping up his bid to raise vital funds for the Laura Lynn Children's Hospice. 'My original goal had been to do 20 in the year,' Charlie said. ' But I'm flying through them at the moment so I said I'd try to push myself and increase it.'

Charlie is no stranger to running however, and has already completed an impressive 60 marathons to date. In recent years Charlie has even journeyed to Egypt where he completed a 250 km run across the Sahara desert!

'Yeah, that was tough going alright,' Charlie said. 'But I suppose it gives you an experience of the desert that you would never normally get. We were driven out into the middle of the desert for the start and then there were food stations and tents set up along the way. For the last 10 km we were driven back into Cairo and the finishing line was at the pyramids. It was a fantastic experience.'

Having built up an endurance for running over the years, Charlie is now pushing himself harder than ever for charity. ' Well I really enjoy running,' he said, 'so I suppose it's great that maybe some good can come out of it for charity. I picked the charity because I watched some of the videos and they really touched me. I rang the people at the Laura Lynn Hospice and they told me about all of the good work they do for people all over the country. They've done a lot of good work for people in the Wexford area too so I think it's something that everyone can get behind.'

Charlie is really working hard to achieve the goal which he has set himself. At one point he even completed two marathons in 24 hours.

'I had heard of a marathon in Leixlip that was beginning at midnight so I completed that and then it was straight into the car, where I got about an hour or two of sleep, and onto Salthill in Galway where I started another one in the morning. I was fairly tired after that alright but it was all worth it,' he said.

Charlie is a part of the Irish 100 Marathon Club which has only been set up in the last couple of years, and is already well on the way towards hitting a century of marathons. He was recently presented with his 25 and 50 marathon medals and before the year is out, if things go to schedule, the 100 marathon medal will be well within his grasp.

He turns 40 in November but he's not letting the milestone weigh on his mind too much. 'I suppose I'm getting to the age now where I should be slowing down, not doing more! I'm a bit worried about the 100 mile race in August. I don't want to pick up an injury. I'd say I'll have to take a couple of weeks off after that one. I really enjoy doing the bit of running though and I'd love if it could be of benefit to the Laura Lynn Hospice. My goal is to reach at least €1000.'

If you would like to support Charlie in his fantastic venture, please log onto and under participants search for Charlie Walsh. There you will be able to show your support for Charlie by donating money to the Laura Lynn Children's Hospice.

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