Thursday 14 December 2017

Children gutted as quads 'don't work'


A BUNCLODY-BASED quad bike dealer had two separate cases to answer at Wexford District Court last week, including a claim that resulted from three children getting quad bikes for Christmas which never worked.

Owen Redmond, 1 Old Forest, Bunclody, who trades as Quads Unlimited, was the defendant in actions brought by two women who had purchased quad bikes from him.

The first case heard by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla involved Renata Rusiecka, 32 Castlerock, Carrigduff, Bunclody, who had issues with a suspension spring in the quad bike she purchased from Mr Redmond, which then caused further damage to the parts surrounding it.

'I can fix the bike,' Mr Redmond told the judge, ' I'm always there to help.' However, he pointed out that their warranty is an engine warranty and if the engine is not working they can repair it or offer a refund.

He told the judge that he had not examined the quad bike since it was brought back to his warehouse as he only had one key for it and he had asked Ms Rusiecka for both keys back.

When asked by Judge O Buachalla why he needed two keys to start or fix the damaged bike, Mr Redmond said he didn't need two keys, but he had requested them.

The judge suggested a two-month adjournment to allow Mr Redmond fix the quad bike, which had set Ms Rusiecka back €900.

Ms Rusiecka told the judge she'd rather a refund as she doesn't trust Mr Redmond, but the defendant was given until November 25 to repair the quad bike.

Mr Redmond was then called again to answer a claim brought by Aileen Whelan, of Carriglea, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, who bought three quad bikes from him for her children last Christmas at a cost of €1,650. Ms Whelan said the bikes never worked, much to the disappointment of her children.

She couldn't get hold of Mr Redmond until January 4, when he suggested it was something simple that was wrong and Ms Whelan and her husband tried various things he suggested over the phone, none of which worked. Ms Whelan then had a mechanic have a look at them and he got one to work for a brief period, but it cut out again. He expressed serious reservations about one of the quad bikes. Ms Whelan said she repeatedly asked Mr Redmond to come and look at them, but he said she would have to bring the bikes to him. She said she had no way of transporting three quad bikes. In the ongoing efforts to try fix them she said Mr Redmond sent her a clutch, but she could not fit it, and he also sent two bigger batteries which her husband had to fit by cutting away part of the surround, but they didn't help either. Changing the oil was also of no benefit. ' They look perfect, but they don't move,' said Ms Whelan.

'I want her to bring them to my warehouse so I can assess them,' said Mr Redmond, pointing out that this was part of an agreement she signed when buying the three bikes.

Judge O Buachalla asked Mr Redmond if he would go collect them himself considering the ' huge disappointment' of the children.

Mr Redmond said he couldn't, but he was then advised to consider the matter for half an hour while the judge dealt with another case. Ms Whelan said she didn't think it was going to work out and asked if she could instead recoup some of her money, but Mr Redmond said business is slack and he is not in a position to offer her a refund.

He also said that a warranty is null and void if another mechanic has looked at the quad bikes.

However, Judge O Buachalla gave Mr Redmond until October 28 to collect and repair the three quad bikes, adjourning the case until that date.

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