Saturday 17 August 2019

Cider thief abandoned his car and ran for it

A WEXFORD man attempting to steal a keg of cider from a local casino abandoned his car as he was putting it in the boot as staff came out after him.

Noel Hayes, of 48 Heathfield, Clonard, escaped on foot, but arrived at Wexford Garda Station the following day to tell them that the car they seized was his and to admit he had been trying to steal the keg of cider, which was worth €170.

Inspector Pat McDonald said they received a call to go Newbay House at 10.45 p.m. on March 21, 2010, where the owner Alex Scallan had spotted a man taking a keg from the rear of the casino and going towards the boot of his Nissan Micra car with it.

When Mr Scallan and another staff member came out after him, Hynes fled on foot, abandoning his car, which the Gardaí seized.

The next day, Hynes arrived at Wexford Garda Station and told them the car was his and admitted his role in the attempted theft of the keg.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla heard that Hynes has five previous convictions, with the most recent of them being for the theft of a bottle of wine last November.

Tim Cummings, for Hynes, a father of two, said his difficulties with Gardaí have all stemmed from his alcohol problem.

However, he said that since last October he has turned his life around.

Mr Cummings said Hynes has engaged with the Cornmarket Project in a bid to overcome his addiction and that he comes from a respectable family, who are supportive of him. Hynes was convicted of theft and fined €200.

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