Tuesday 25 September 2018

Civic receptions to be reined in for big occasions only

Wexford Borough Council's policy on holding civic receptions was highlighted by Cllr George Lawlor, who said the message needs to get out to the public.

Mayor Cllr Jim Moore proposed a review of the policy and protocols around honouring groups and individuals with a civic reception at a protocol meeting on September 1.

At the meeting members acknowledged that the hosting of a civic reception by a mayor is one of the greatest honours the council can bestow and that the status of a civic receptions should be retained and protected.

Mayor Jim Moore said the District Manager Angela Laffan outlined at the protocol meeting how the former Borough Council had reviewed policy and protocols in 2009 which continued until the council was formally abolished in 2014.

The new rules regarding civic receptions are that they will only be afforded to persons achieving an international award and attendance numbers will be limited to 30. Sporting organisations will only be honoured for reaching their 50th, 75th or 100th anniversaries.

Mayoral receptions will continue to be afforded at the discretion of the mayor.

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