Tuesday 17 July 2018

Civil Defence volunteers help the vulnerable

VOLUNTEERS WITH County Wexford Civil Defence were engaged in ' missions of mercy' during the cold snap, and helped in bringing vulnerable dialysis patients for vital medical treatment out of the county.

The Civil Defence, who have access to sturdy 4x4 vehicles, were engaged in helping ' the vulnerable and dependent' according to County co-ordinator Gabrielle Willis.

' We also helped out with the wheelchair association, getting to people who are dependent,' she said.

The organisation also ensured that frontline care workers were able to get to their jobs.

The 4x4 ambulance owned by Civil Defence was engaged by the HSE during the snowy spell. Ms. Willis had nothing but the height of praise for the civil defence volunteers who were all on standby.

' They were ringing in regularly to see what they could do for people. We hadone volunteer with his own 4x4 vehicle in Taghmon, and together with other friends he did amazing work out there.

'We had another guy in Ballygarrett who was doing the same thing,' she said. 'We did have to bring one dialysis patient for treatment in Kilkenny,' she said.

Funded by the County Council, the Civil Defence is a back up service for the emergency service, the local authority and the Gardai.

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