Tuesday 22 October 2019

'Clean break' for Hynes Jewellers as they move to new shop

Hynes Family Jewellers on North Main Street closed over the weekend
Hynes Family Jewellers on North Main Street closed over the weekend

Pádraig Byrne

Hynes Family Jewellers on North Main Street officially closed its doors on Saturday, with the goal of re-opening in the next couple of weeks at a different location, somewhere on the Main Street.

Speaking on Friday, Frank Hynes revealed that the company was to make a 'clean break' and would move to a 'more central location' in the coming weeks.

'This is a clean break,' he said. 'It will be a new company under new management and will be nothing to do with the previous companies and their issues.'

Back in February, Revenue Officers shut down Hynes Family Jewellers and seized all their stock. Mr Hynes maintained that there had been a mistake on the Revenue's part and that their figures were incorrect. While they managed to re-stock and continue trading, the company will now cease to exist as they start up again at a new location.

While Mr Hynes said that they had a new premises lined up, he was unwilling to reveal its location until all legal matters were finalised.

'We know where we're going to but I can't say just yet,' he said.

'I can say it will be a more central location though and we're hoping to be in there within the next couple of weeks. Legal people work at their own pace and we're just in the process of checking over the lease and dotting the i's and crossing the t's at the moment, but the shop here will be closing tomorrow (Saturday).'

For any customers feeling anxious or concerned, Mr Hynes said that he and his staff are more than happy to put them at ease and they will be contactable either by social media, by calling 0851156725 or by emailing

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