Sunday 26 January 2020

Clear wind farm planning breaches will be 'actioned'

CEO Tom Enright.
CEO Tom Enright.

Council CEO Tom Enright said if the findings of a report - which cost €150,000 to complete - on wind farm noise in the county find clear breaches of planning permission, the local authority will not be found wanting in taking appropriate action.

Cllr Malcolm Byrne highlighted the cost of the report and asked why an update on the report's findings weren't included in the monthly councillor's progress report, as requested. Cllr John Fleming said engineer Gerry Forde said the report should be finalised by early July. 'Will we be able to take action?' Cllr Byrne insisted. 'We spent €150,000 on a consultant's report, but I don't want that spent unless action is taken.'

Director of Services for Economic Developmnt Tony Larkin said: 'If we don't know what's in it (the report), we don't know what action needs to be taken. I understand the councillor's concerns, but the report was done for enforcement and planning reasons.'

Mr Enright said the report is based on issues raised by residents living close to a wind farm located in North Wexford.

'If there are clear breaches of planning permission we will be taking approporiate action,' he said.

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