Monday 18 November 2019

Cllr McDonald: Gorey Garda HQ move ‘fanciful’

Councillor Lisa McDonald
Councillor Lisa McDonald

David Looby

Calls for the new division Garda HQ to be based in Gorey are fanciful and a sideshow to the real issue of Garda funding, according to Councillor Lisa McDonald, a Fianna Fail candidate in the next general election.

Commenting on partisan calls to move the base to Gorey, Cllr McDonald said that the best equipped station to house the new HQ was Wexford, which has recently been developed at a cost of €40 million.

'This can't be put on wheels and transported to Gorey, Arklow or anywhere else,' Cllr McDonald said. 'It's only natural that politicians would like to deliver projects to their own areas but there is absolutely no reason to build another state-of-the-art facility where one already exists in Wexford town.'

Cllr McDonald said it was more important to concentrate on the real issue of adequate funding.

'There are many more important issues which need to be addressed in relation to the plan to restructure An Garda Siochána,' according to Cllr McDonald, one of two Fianna Fáil candidates declared to run in the next general election.

'The most important question is whether the government are going to make the finance available to An Garda Siochána to deliver this plan. More gardai on the streets means more resources and we need to know that these resources will be provided to help deliver the main aim of the plan, which is a more visible localised force. I'd like to see the detail of this plan being made available and an assurance that the resources are going to be provided to maintain and indeed improve visibility on the ground.'

She said with burglaries in Wexford town and South Wexford on the rise, it is imperative that there is a strong Garda presence retained in our capital town and rural areas.

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