Sunday 17 December 2017

Coalition best for country, says Doyle

By David Tucker

FORMER Deputy and MEP Avril Doyle, the only Wexford woman elected to serve in the Dail, says Fine Gael and Fianna Fail should form a grand coalition for the good of the country.

'They were born at the same time almost 100 years ago and they should come together to form a government,' she said.

Ms Doyle said such a coalition was necessary and the right thing to do given the divisive election results which left no party with an overall majority. While there is said to be fierce resistance within Fianna Fail to the formation of a coalition with Fine Gael, senior FG figures are believed to be ready to approach FF in a deal involving an equal number of cabinet posts. 'If we want a stable government, and had and all as it is to say it, we have got to come to the conclusion that there should be a coalition between the two main parties or an election, and nobody wants an election.. the people don't want one and the politicians don't want one,' Ms Doyle told this newspaper. 'It's staring at us and I can understand why both sides find that so difficult. but it will come dripping slow.'

'There's a backdrop in that it is the centerary and out of the Rising came, if you like, the new democracy, they were all born from the same quest and I know that there's a long history in between, but maybe someone's giving us a message,' she said.

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