Tuesday 20 August 2019

Codd wants Taghmon road to be prioritised

THE ROAD into Taghmon should be upgraded to a route of national importance when the weather causes difficulties for motorists, a local councillor has claimed.

Cllr Pat Codd made his case for Taghmon's elevation before Wexford County Council on Monday, arguing that the Irish Pride Bakery located there is a significant local employer and its ability to access the N25 via Larkin's Cross should be maintained when it snows.

'I'd like the regional route to Taghmon included with the national routes next time. It's essential that trucks get in and out every day. It should get the same salting and gritting as national roads,' said Cllr Codd.

Cllr Padge Reck, while extending his congratulations to the council's indoor staff for their courtesy throughout a time when the phones were hopping in County Hall, also informed Cllr Codd that he had been looking after Taghmon for him.

'I asked to have the Taghmon road done and got a phone call within two hours telling me it was done,' reported Cllr Reck, somewhat triumphantly and much to the amusement of his colleagues.

Cllr Codd chided Cllr Reck for his ' sneaky' political opportunism. However, Cllr Larry O'Brien and Chairman Michael Kinsella also reported that Taghmon residents had been phoning them ( in the outer reaches of New Ross and north Wexford respectively) about their roads. ' Give them my number,' joked Cllr Reck.

The Taghmon councillor was unmoved by the comments of his colleagues. ' That just shows how important Taghmon is,' said Cllr Codd.

' There's a bakery in Taghmon, but I've a power station in Great Island,' countered Cllr O'Brien.

Given the scarcity of council resources, Cllr Tony Dempsey suggested that the best way to ensure safe access to and from both facilities was to ' move Campile's electrical facility to Taghmon'.

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