Wednesday 24 January 2018

Comedian goes quackers at JestFest as he heckles teen

By Esther Hayden

A leading comedian who was in town for JestFest heckled a teenage member of the Bui Bolg youth group during the festival.

The female teenager was dressed as a duck as part of a street performance when the comedian is reported to have smacked her on the head of her duck costume and told her to 'get a real job'.

Colm Lowney of Bui Bolg said the teenager was fine after the incident and that there was no real issue. He said the actions of the comedian 'were a bit stupid'.

'The teenager is grand. She was just a bit shook after it. But you do get stick from people on the street but funnily enough only in Ireland and you are very vulnerable particularly when dressed up. It doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. The festival itself was very good and we were delighted to take part in it.'

Comedian Al Porter who was a big hit during JestFest made a vague reference to the matter on the Colm Hayes Show on 2FM last Tuesday. He said the festival was a great success and just said to Colm Hayes not to mention the incident between another comedian and a duck. Despite questioning from Hayes he wouldn't reveal any more details.

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