Tuesday 12 December 2017

Coming home to Kay's

WHAT STARTED out as extra pin-money has grown into many international friendships for one Wexford resident, who annually opens her doors to artists from Wexford Festival Opera.

Kay Connolly, who lives in Priory Hall, looks forward every year to the start of September when old friends return to visit, and take up lodging in her home.

For the last five years Czech choir leader Lubomir Mâtl has stayed with Kay, and when he walks through her door he says 'it's just like coming home'.

'Lubomir has come to me for five years now. He comes back all the time. It's nice, and he's well looked after,' laughs Kay.

By becoming a Festival land lady Kay says she feels 'really part of the Festival'.

'When I started this years ago, it would have initially been for the extra income coming in. But it's so nice having someone here. The company is great, and socially it gets me into the swing of the Festival,' she said.

Lubomir has also brought his family to stay with Kay, and she feels that they have a good friendship rather than a business relationship.

'He's very comfortable coming back to me year after year. It's just like home,' she said.

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