Wednesday 23 October 2019


John Lynn: We're hearing the same story year in year out since Brendan Corish was Minister for Health. We elected five TDs to represent us. Why haven't you sorted it out. That's your job. We want to see results'. Ann Rochford told the story of a 47-year-old man living outside Kilkenny who developed chest pains at the weekend. His

wife kept him alive for 45 minutes while waiting for an ambulance to come from Waterford. His funeral was on Tuesday. 'Is this the service we can expect from Waterford?' she asked. Mary Kent: 'I want to give a voice to all the children with special needs. I would ask you, Brendan, to ask Professor Drumm: will he take responsibility for my critically ill six-year-old son as he is going up the M50 in an ambulance vomiting up blood?' Derek Somers of Wexford Ambulance Service: 'There are staff being positioned and vehicles being positioned like chess pieces. There are manoeuverings going on in the background.' Joe Forde: 'A French solution – maybe that's what's needed.' Michael Way: 'I'm talking about blockading Dublin.' Cllr. Anthony Kelly of Sinn Féin: 'The way to ratchet up this campaign is for every man, woman and child to get out on the streets of Wexford'.

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