Monday 16 September 2019

Community rallies to help man after Crossabeg blaze

Ned surveys the damage.
Ned surveys the damage.
The charred joists.
Ned Doyle surveys the damage.

By David Tucker

THE Community in Crossabeg has come together to help a local man whose new-build house was seriously damaged in a fire.

Ned Doyle lost a mobile home in the blaze which set fire to the rafters and the felt in the new bunaglow he was building.

Ken Foley is the chair of the fund-raising committee set up to help Ned rebuild his dream home, which at the very least needs re-roofing.

He set up the committee with John Joe Sinnott to help Ned rebuild.

'We are doing an envelope drop for him in every house in the parish.

'The community has been good over the years and we hope they will come up trumps again,' said Ken.

Ned explained that the mobile, in which he was living while the project was under way, had been parked very close to the house when it caught fire, the blaze believed to have been sparked by an electrical fault. The fire quickly spread to the roofing felt and went from front the back, the heat of the flames destroying the tiles.

'It was a bit of a disappointment all right,' Ned said of the fire.

'I've been building the house over the last couple of years out of my own pocket because I didn't want to get a mortgage,' said Ned, who is a self-employed builder.

He estimated the cost of the damage to the house at around €10,000, plus the loss of the mobile, and an undisclosed amount of cash that went up in smoke as well.

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