Monday 9 December 2019

Concern over trespass on private land

Maria Pepper

A few registered owners of heathland at Forth Mountain are concerned about the news that work is to start on a development plan at Carrigfoyle Quarry which will draw more visitors to the area.

Father and son, James and Shay O' Dowd placed a notice in the Wexford People this week advising that people who trespass on their land will be prosecuted.

'The lands in our possession at Lacken Hill, Duncormack, Shelmalier Common, Carrig, Forth Commons, Rathaspeck, including lands around Carrigadee Rock, registered in our names are not part of Three Rocks, Coillte and County Council walks. No walking, hunting, cycling', they stated.

Jim O'Dowd said he is not against Council developments at Forth Mountain but he and other landowners in whose names the surrounding heathland is registered, are concerned about possible trespass, fires and a hike in insurance costs from claims.

'There are approximately 200 acres of heathland in the private ownership of a group of landowners, that surrounds the walking trails through forest land that the Council is providing', he said.

'The adventure centre will bring a lot more people to the area. If people are allowed to walk on our land, insurance costs will quadruple.'.

'There is also the worry about fires. If a fire starts, there is no chance of getting a fire brigade through those paths and there is no piped water on the pathways.

Mr. O'Dowd said there is also a fear locally that the area will be turned into an 'environmental exclusion zone' for planning, as a result of the natural amenity developments.

Recently, four separate planning applications by local people to build houses have been turned down by the Council, said the Forth Mountain resident whose family has been in the area for four generations.

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