Sunday 18 August 2019

Confusion over park plans in Wexford

By Amy Lewis

Cllr Fergie Kehoe raised his concerns regarding his proposal for a public park at Carcur, saying that he could find no evidence that any work was being carried out on the project.

'I have been told that there is a plan in place,' he said. 'When I looked, I could find none whatsoever.'

Cllr Kehoe agreed that the park could be developed on a smaller scale to what had originally been proposed but said that he was disappointed that nothing had been done about it.

Cllr George Lawlor supported the motion to proceed with the development, which will run in tangent with the new Peoples Park at Killeens.

However, money was an issue for Cllr Davy Hynes, who questioned the possibility of providing funding for the park.

'Two parks? Can we afford to have two parks?' he asked.

Cllr Jim Moore echoed his views.

'I was never presented with a plan,' he said. 'Now we seem to have two plans for two parks and no money.'

Cllr Deirdre Wadding said that she was also confused about the plans for the parks.

'We are now looking at two ambitious parks and there are people in Wexford who have no roof over their heads.'

This comment brought criticism from Cllr George Lawlor, who pointed out that there are separate budgets for housing and recreational facilities. He went on to say that Cllr Wadding was 'fixated' on the issue of housing and branded her a 'disgrace'.

Director of Services Tony Larkin addressed the varying concerns.

'There is a limit to what we can do,' he said. 'We have two issues here, one regarding plans for the parks and one regarding funding.'

He said that the park at Carcur would be a 'lower-impact' facility, suggesting that they protect and keep what is already there. He advised the councillors to pass Cllr Kehoe's proposal and see how the site could be developed.

Cllr Kehoe's second proposal concerning the upgrade of the playground at Redmond Park was welcomed by the other councillors.

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